20th Century Fox – The Revenant – Content Marketing
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20th Century Fox – The Revenant – Content Marketing

Shouldn’t Be Alive – Marina Chapman


Client: 20th Century Fox / Artery Industries
Series Producer: Clint Cowen, Artery Industries
Series Creative Director: Duane Fernandez, Artery Industries
Director: Zsolt Sándor
DOP: Adam Lyons
B-Camera: Aidan Metcalfe
C-Camera: Zsolt Sándor
Sound: Darryl Peat
Runner: Zoe East
Production Services: Mothership UK
Post-production: Artery Industries

MOTHERSHIP was contracted by Artery Industries in Los Angeles to provide production services and field direction on this content marketing video production, supporting the release of 20th Century Fox’s flagship film ‘The Revenant’. Directed by Academy Award winning director Alejandro G. Iñárritu & starring Academy Award nominee Leonardo DiCaprio along with Tom Hardy, the feature tells the real life story of Hugh Glass, an American legend who survived brutal events against the odds.

Directed by Zsolt Sándor, Mothership’s Creative Director our video is a also a real-life survival story. We filmed with Marina Chapman who survived five years alone in a Colombian jungle as a child, aided only by a group of Capuchin monkeys. We shot on location in Bradford, using two Sony FS7 cameras, a DJI Ronin gimbal and a set of Canon L series lenses. Post-production was completed in Los Angeles by Artery Industries

Our film is released online by 20th Century Fox and sat on the film’s official website until the film’s general release. It now resides on 20th Century Fox’s YouTube channel